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Summer Tourism Boost Tangier Island’s Economy

Passengers arrive on Tangier Island on the Chesapeake Breeze from Reedsville, Virginia and the Steven Thomas from Crisfield, Maryland. (photograph by Toni Bryant)

As Tangier residents wait patiently for the final approval of the jetty and seawall project to save the Island from sinking, the tourist season is certainly energetic. There are only two ways to travel to Tangier, one by Ferry and the other by private boat or plane.

Ferries offer daily Day cruises from Reedsville, Virginia aboard the Chesapeake Breeze and from Crisfield, Maryland aboard the Steven Thomas. Tours run from May to October with weather permitting.

There are a variety of activities to do while visiting the Island if it’s just a two-hour visit by Ferry or a weekend stay at several of the Bed & Breakfast Inns. There are Seafood Restaurants with the catch of the day right out of the Chesapeake Bay and homemade meals topped off with fresh desserts.

Tourists leaving the dock with bike rentals to explore the Island. (photograph by Toni Bryant)

Rent a golf cart or bicycle from Four Brothers Crab House & Ice Cream Deck and explore the island while getting lost in history or take a group tour with one of the local tour guides. Ride a Kayak or Canoe to explore the Island’s channel; it’s free to use for all exploring visitors.

There is still time to visit this historic Island that sits in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay before the Tourist Season ends.


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