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Walking for a Cure to End Childhood Cancer

(video courtesy of St Jude’s Public Relations department)

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

St Jude is more than a Children’s Hospital. It is a beacon of hope for an ailing child fighting cancer and a place of comfort for parents during an extremely difficult time.

Located in Memphis Tennessee, St Jude is a research hospital that treats pediatric cancers and other life-threatening diseases. The mission of the hospital is that no parent will ever receive a bill for medical services and housing. Focusing on the treatment and healing process of their child is the number one priority.

Every year St Jude sponsor events for the public to help raise money to continue to treat every child that walk thru their doors. No one wants to see a child go through this devastating illness.

Volunteers are in need to sign up for the Walk/Run that will be held in September around various cities in the US. Come out and bring the family for this worthy cause.

(CC Image courtesy of Ginny (ginnerobot) on Flickr CC BY-SA 4.0)