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Senior Mechanical Designer: This Is What Professionals Do


Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, or most commonly known as Jefferson Lab. Located in Newport News, Virginia is home to the national science laboratory under the US Department of Energy.

One of the top priorities of Jefferson Lab is the study of matter and the particles that form it. The particle accelerator used in this study called the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF). Physicist’s who study and research the interior nucleus properties of matter uses this particle accelerator for advanced research.

Jefferson Lab will be a host site to the Electron-Ion Collider upon final approval from the Department of Energy. The EIC is used to accelerate a stream of electron and proton particles together will be similar to how CERN’s research and development is used in Europe.

The Electron-Ion Collider is considered a miniature version of CERN in how it will help with global research and technology.

Jefferson Lab has built a valuable partnership with local schools K thru 12 and universities with undergraduates, graduates, and post-doctorate students to participate in educational programs and special events.

Senior Mechanical Designer is a vital part of a multi-disciplined team of designers, drafters, and engineers. This team can work on a variety of projects in physics and science technology. Undertaking studies and research projects whether it is dealing with new medical equipment, weather projection machinery or energy tracking projects.

Mr. Keith Hardinghas worked in this field for over thirty years and employed with Jefferson Lab for six years. His military training and education with a background in weldingsheet metal, and CAB software has qualified him as a specialist in this field.

Mr. Harding’s work experience includes Associate Mechanical Engineer, Cad Laser Operator, Gamma Camera for detection used for medical diagnosis and CAD drawings to create models.

“I enjoy the work that I do and have worked hard to get where I am,” said Mr. Harding. “I just can’t imagine working anywhere else but Jefferson Lab.”

Mr. Harding’s prior military training as a Metal Worker was the driving force to continue his education and advancement in the field of Mechanical Design.

What makes Mr. Harding an expert in the field of a Senior Mechanical Designer are his years of military and civilian education. He adds to his education with countless years of experience in the development of prototypes, with a wealth of knowledge in CAD and AutoCAD 3D. He holds certifications in Solid Works Drawing, Laser Operations, and Tooling Software.

I have learned from Mr. Harding the mission and purpose of Jefferson Lab and that the city will host an Electron-Ion Collider to assist with our energy resources.

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