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A Master of His Craft

Master Diver
Julius Green, Jr., Chief Warrant Officer 3, First African American Master Diver in the US Army. (photo courtesy of US Army, 1962)

Acheiving the impossible during a time when opportunties for African American soliders were too few.  Julius Green, Jr., Chief Warrant Officer 3, Retired after serving twenty-three years of active duty in the US Army.  Mr. Green was the first African American to  become a Master Diver  in the history of the Army and the second in US Military history.

Mr. Green shares his experiences and knowledge of the military and what it takes to become a diver  as he lectures at various private and public events.

“It was hard, but not impossible,” said Green. “You have to overcome a lot of obstacles and always remember the mission.”

Mr. Green is also a member of the Men’s Breakfast Club that meets every week to discuss issues in the community with other members and city officials. The Men’s Breakfast Club award yearly scholarships to deserving high school graduates in the area.

“He always gives a lot of himself to educate and mentor young men in the community,” said Mr. Bryant, another member of the Breakfast Club.