The Future of Hampton’s Air Power Park Museum

The roadside Air Power Park has been a staple of Hampton, Virginia since the early 1960’s and a vital part of the city’s history.

The iconic indoor and outdoor museum offers a free and self-guided tour on the grounds with a conference room for rent. A children’s room for reading is also available to the public in the Dome shaped building that resembles the top half of the Epcot Center located in Florida.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) donated the planes, missiles, and jets when the Park first opened that are presently stored at the museum.

The roadside museum is in need of repairs.

The Park has been called an “afterthought” and a “place where planes go to die” according to a Trip Advisor review.

Built on marshlands the landscape needs protecting and uplifting. When it rains the water stands, the grounds are soggy and give the appearance that the planes are sinking into the ground.

The aircrafts are in need of rust removal and repainting. The bottom of the missiles has been eaten away by rust from the elements of the weather.

Harold, the Museums Tour Guide that was on duty is very knowledgeable about the Museum’s history and sustainability.

“The Museum has a lot of potential and we need the people of Hampton to give their input for a future vision of the park,” said Harold.

Harold has initiated a meeting scheduled for March 29 at 7 pm at the Hampton History Museum for the public’s help in “Rethink Air Power Park.” The public is encouraged to come out and share their ideas.

According to the Hampton History Museum, the only concern now is for small upgrades, such as new signs for the aircrafts, landscape work, and waterway protection. Some of the older and rusted out aircrafts will be decommissioned and removed from the park.

For more information on the Air Power Park contact Harold Sanderson at (757) 726-0650 or visit


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